Cotton Candy Body Scrub

spa and bath

This exquisite scrub is crafted to thoroughly purify and enrich the skin. Its natural exfoliating agents gently eliminate dead skin cells, while the oils aid in reducing excess oil and freeing clogged pores. Consistent use promises enhanced skin vitality, diminished razor bumps and acne, and a more even skin tone.

Wandering through a carnival, the whoosh of rides and delighted laughter give way to the scent of spun sugar perfection in a blend of fresh strawberry, sugar, and sweet vanilla.

Directions:  Apply to dry skin in a circular motion two times weekly. Add water and continue to rub in circular motion for a foam rinse.  Rinse off and pat  dry with a clean towel.  Pairs well with  Body Therapy Co.'s Body Oil.  For a deeper exfoliation, apply to dry skin. 

 Ingredients:  Pure cane sugar, aqua, sodium cocoyl isethinoate, sucrose , jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, glycerin, Moroccan clay and essential oil 

 Please note:  Store unused portion in a cool dry area. 

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