Moisturising Body Butter
Maintain soft and nourished skin with our indulgent Moisturizing Body Butter. Infused with fatty acids, and vitamins A and E, it intensively hydrates dry, itchy skin, balances skin tone, and minimizes the look of stretch marks and hyperpigmentation. This potent...
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Oats & Honey Eczema Body Bar
The Eczema Body Bar is essential for individuals with sensitive skin. Its gentle formula includes ingredients specifically chosen to calm eczema, psoriasis, and other skin issues, while also unclogging pores and diminishing acne. It serves as a perfect mild exfoliant,...
$7.00 $4.00
Revitalizing Body Scrub
The Revitalizing Body Scrub is formulated to thoroughly purify and enrich the skin. Its natural exfoliating agents delicately eliminate dead skin cells, while its oils aid in reducing excess sebum and freeing blocked pores. Consistent use promises enhanced skin vitality,...
Brightening Turmeric Body Bar with sweet orange & patchouli
Discover your most radiant complexion with the Brightening Turmeric Body Bar! Infused with turmeric, it diminishes dark circles and blemishes, combats acne, and enhances skin brightness. Embrace confidence and beauty with vibrant, healthy skin! Ingredients:  Coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil,...
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Peppermint Healing Body Bar
The Healing Body Bar is an all-natural, antibacterial cleanser that soothes rashes and aids in wound healing. It's crafted with natural ingredients to promote healthy, radiant skin. Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, hemp seed oil, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter,...
Calming Lavender Body Bar
If you adore lavender, this treat is designed just for you. Cleanse and nourish your skin while the lavender essential oil aids in relaxation. Lather and clean daily as desired. Pairs great with our lavender massage and body oil, bath...
$6.50 $4.50
Sandalwood Vanilla Body Soap Bar
Our unisex Sandalwood Vanilla Body Soap Bar is made with natural ingredients to cleanse, soften, and moisturize skin. Its anti-bacterial properties provide extra protection against germs while its creamy lather keeps skin feeling refreshed. Ingredients:  shea butter, coconut oil, hempseed oil,...
Lip Balm
Pamper your lips with our invigorating Lip Balm. Enriched with natural ingredients, it helps soften and moisturize dry, chapped lips. Its fresh scent adds a little extra luxury for the perfect pout. Directions:  Apply to lips daily as desired.  Ingredients:  Glycine Soja...
Hydration Toner
Our Hydration Toner is formulated to diminish redness, regulate skin's pH balance, and control excess oil. With its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory components, it serves as a potent agent for maintaining youthful, well-hydrated skin. Ingredients:  100% rosewater Size:  4oz.
Body Soak
This premium Body Soak combines Himalayan salts, oats, and select Epsom salt  to help hydrate skin, reduce inflammation, and relieve sore muscles and tension for an overall sense of wellbeing. Enjoy indulgent relaxation with the luxury spa experience of this...
Lemongrass Body Bar
This is the ideal tool for cleansing, detoxifying, and balancing your skin tone. Its anti-inflammatory properties ensure its gentle on all skin types, promoting a smooth, healthy complexion. Enjoy dewy, radiant skin without the use of harsh chemicals. Ingredients: shea butter,...
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Anti-Aging Chocolate Espresso Body Bar
  The Anti-Aging Body Bar is an advanced skincare formula designed to nourish, protect and restore youthful-looking skin. The formula helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and fight acne, giving your skin the deep moisturizing and anti-aging...
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Embroidered Body Towel
This Embroidered Body Towel is designed for comfort and luxury. Made from a soft material, it absorbs moisture quickly and is sure to provide a pleasant bathing experience. Enjoy the embroidered detail and feel the plush texture every time you...
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