Are your products 100% vegan?

Absolutely, we love our fur friends it is important to us that no animal is harmed or their by-products used in our butters, soaps, scrubs etc. 

The look and smell of your products are mouth-watering.  Can I eat your products?

No, although our products are a treat for your skin and senses, we recommend you do not ingest any of them.

Are your products 100% gluten and nut free?


No.  We use organic oats, honey and sweet almond oil some of our products therefore we can no guarantee that our products have no nut traces. If you have nut allergies please read each ingredient carefully. 



We handcraft our products with vitamins A & E to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, get rid of acne, relieve symptoms from eczema, reduce signs of aging and even skin tone.
Body Therapy Co is a luxury, clean, and organic vegan skincare brand.
Body Therapy Co. delivers harmony & balance to your skin with clean ingredients.
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